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  S&F2 Updates

10/08/18:  master 1.2.e
06/07/18:  master 1.2.d
01/07/17:  master 1.2.c
27/06/17:  master 1.2.b
21/05/17:  master 1.2.a
20/03/17:  master 1.2
12/03/17:  master 1.1
21/08/16:  master 1.0
04/05/13:  beta 3.6
27/11/12:  beta 3.5.2
06/05/12:  beta 3.5
10/09/11:  beta 3.4.5
15/05/11:  beta 3.4
27/02/11:  beta 3.3
09/10/10:  beta 3.2
21/08/10:  beta 3.1
10/04/10:  beta 3.0
03/02/07:  beta 2.8.2
02/02/07:  beta 2.8
18/01/07:  beta 2.7
23/06/06:  beta 2.6
15/03/05:  beta 2.5
07/12/04:  beta 2.4
24/11/04:  beta 2.3
09/10/04:  beta 2.2.1
24/09/04:  beta 2.2
19/03/04:  beta 2.1

This is the website of the new Dan V's "Sonic & Friends 2", a Sonic fangame developed with a new engine in C++ language that makes it closer to the original Megadrive game.


All Sonic fangames has been discontinued due to my time is limited and I am working on another kinds of projects.

Thanks everyone who have played, and thanks SEGA for allowing us to make Sonic fangames.

  New Fangame

Another new fangame: Competition Zones Remix

  Sonic The Hedgehot: Robotnik's Dystopia

Art Of Running has been renamed to Sonic The Hedgehot: Robotnik's Dystopia

  New Fangame

Try my new fangame: Art Of Running


Would you like to play Marble Garden with classic palette?

Type classicmarblegarden in Title Screen. Re-type it to go back to custom palette. If this cheat worked, Marble Garden music should start playing.

  Re-equalized OGG Music

New revision with re-equalized OGG music.

  OGG Music

I have released a new revision with OGG music instead of MIDI.

  New revision

After a month since the master 1.0 version until October 6, I have been releasing a set of revisions (from 1.0.a to 1.0.g) with some bugs fixed and some improvements (sometimes extensive) in game zones design.

  Version Master 1.0

After 14 intermittent years of development, I am pleased to offer the full game.

  Current state of development

Although the game is two years without updates, the game has not stopped developing. Maybe for the next version is finished. Next version will include several new features, including a special stage to obtain the emeralds.

Sonic the Hedgehog and all related characters are registered trademarks of SEGA Corporation.