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Game style

Platforms game in the style of Sonic's classic games.
Since beta 3.0 the physics and gameplay are close to the original Megadrive games.

The skills that were in beta 2.X (hadoken, kameamea, swimming, diving) have been removed from current version (except hadoken for a single character) because I'm making a classic-style sonic game.


You can play at 1X with classic graphics or 2X with redrawn and/or filtered graphics.
2X mode besides to simule a graphics filtering, also provides smoother motion due to have more pixels to represent the game.

Playing with one or another way is a matter of preferences rather than power. 2X mode is nicer graphically but the 1X mode offers a more classic feeling, which I guess is what many fans looking in fangames.

Player modes

You can play one player mode, or co-op two player mode in split screen.
In versus mode, the players must compete for coming to the goal and/or fighting.


The game has 8 zones, a bonus stage, and a special 3D stage in order to get all emeralds.

Technical details

The game is done on my own game engine written in C++ language, named Rollen Sonic Engine. Some features are:.

  • Several graphics systems. Originally was written to work with Allegro 4 library, but currently also runs natively on OpenGL and Direct3D 9.

  • Ingame stage editor.

  • Squirrel scripting.

    Since beta 3.0, the engine has been written from scratch, especially players related code, which has been completely rewritten to make possible an authentic classic sonic game experience. If you've played any previous versions (since beta 2.8 to back), you will find that this new version only resembles the former in the name.

    Despite being a classic 2D game, I have not made it using a tile-based engine, but I have use "objects", which can be anything: land, enemies, rings, etc. Collisions are made by rectangular areas of any size and position (they are just another object), or by pixel maps for curves, hills and loops, which define their topography.

    (This page is a translation)

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