Sonic The Hedgehot: Robotnik's Dystopia (previously called Art Of Running) is the next fangame being developed with Rollen Sonic Engine after finishing Sonic & Friends 2. Current alpha version is a full (but not long) playable game from beginning to end.

Currently the game has 3 zones and a special stage.

Zones are:
  • The forest. It has a feeling like Mushroom Hill but using custom graphics. This zone is completed at 100% (although improvements and extra paths are likely to be added in the future).

  • Balloon park. This is a re-scaled adaptation of the competition zone. I've always liked this zone a lot, so, I have decided to re-recreate for normal game mode. Act 1 is completed.

  • Chrome Gadged. Same as above.

Special stage is the planet of blue spheres.

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